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2018/05/17 10:34
 The Magic Cube, referred to as the Rubik's Cube [1], is called Rubik's Cube in English, and is also called Rubik's Cube. It was first invented by Professor Erno Rubik of the Hungarian Institute of Architecture in Budapest in 1974. Rubik's Cube is a hand extreme sports. The Rubik's Cube is called in Hong Kong. Rubik's Cube refers to the third-order cube in a narrow sense. The third-order cube shape is usually a cube, made of elastic hard plastic. Racing is to disrupt the Rubik's Cube and recover in the shortest possible time. As of May 2018, the third official Rubik's official world record was 4.22 seconds (single shot) held by Feliks Zemdegs from Australia. [2] In a broad sense, Rubik's cube can refer to all types of geometry that can be disrupted and restored through rotation. Rubik's Cube is a magical game with foreign intellectuals and intellectual diamonds. It is also a marvel of intellectual games.